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11.06.12 5 years ago 47 Comments

Aerosmith held a free concert on the streets of the Allston neighborhood in Boston on Monday to mark the band’s 40th anniversary in the location where they got their start. Nowadays, Allston is quite the hipster enclave. Forbes, a publication that totally knows what’s up with the kids, named it as one of the 20 best hipster neighborhoods in the country.

Tom Brady, Bob Kraft and Jerod Mayo were the Greatriot contingent there for the show. An effective Troll Brady move would have been showing up in a different band’s shirt. Instead, Brady decided to embrace the hipster surroundings with the trademark hipster glasses. He also came decked out in an oversized pea coat with a flesh-colored undershirt, so people assumed he showed up bare-chested. Not that it matters. Brady ain’t care.


— The firing of Juan Castillo has been described as a “miscalculation” by a source inside the Eagles organization. Juan Castillo will be promptly rehired and let go again for the mistake.

— Randy Moss recently returned to his hometown of Rand, West Virginia and took a picture by the town’s famed 7-11 dumpster. Little did he know, that’s a mobile meth lab.

— A man accused of murdering two people in San Francisco admitted he did it and told the jury to hurry up and return a guilty verdict so he could get back to jail in time to watch Monday Night Football. Claiming to want to watch Chris Berman is, in my opinion, an extremely savvy way of offering a plea of insanity.

— Rex Ryan was voted the most overrated head coach by a poll of 103 players, or six percent of the league. Is that statistically significant? ESPN will let you know once they spend the rest of the week harping on it anyway.

— The folks at Vicks gave Drew Brees an extra birthmark in their ads. Drew Brees doesn’t mind the mistake. He think the extra birthmark give him more character and that’s always valuable.

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