Homeboy Sandman – “The Miracle” Video

03.29.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Just because we vouched for Homeboy’s track record at SXSW doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be posting everything the Stones Throw recruit drops, which is the reason we skipped over the somewhat sleepy explanation for why “Cops Get Scared” of this Isaac Yankem lookalike a week back.

However, it would’ve been foolish for us to bypass the brother’s offbeat video to “The Miracle.” Wonderfully directed by the non-three-point-shooting Steve Smith, this visual wonderland literally paints pictures over Sandman’s various cadences, adding enough eye-pleasing appetizers to make listeners forget they’ll need to replay the spacey song twenty more times to understand what the Queens MC is even talking about on this cut off his Subject Matter EP.

If I’m the only that feels that way, I’d appreciate if someone could crack his code in the comments.

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