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06.20.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

This has nothing to do with football, but everything to do with my humor sensibilities.

Percy Harvin has demanded a trade from the Vikings. He’s dissatisfied with the team though won’t say why. I’ll take a stab in the dark and guess it’s because he’s playing for a loser, is still on his rookie contract and has an urgent need for a new deal because he has a long-standing problem with migraines. That or Jared Allen hunts him for sport.

If you haven’t been reading Deadspin since 2005, the site would like to reintroduce you to Holley Mangold, the Olympic weightlifting sister of Jets lineman, Nick Mangold. She shocking doesn’t rate high on their color-coded sexometer.

Ochocinco said that he’s developing a “Brokeback Mountain chemistry” with his Dolphins teammates. In other news, Ocho is the only person who still thinks Brokeback jokes are funny.

Breesus is sorry he ever compared the NFL’s bountygate evidence to the Iraq WMDs stuff. He added that he thinks if the league had gone over there, they would have totally found those weapons and if they want to invade Iran, that’s okay with him, too.

We mentioned a while back that Warren Sapp had a TV judge show in production. Now there’s a preview and… it somehow exceeds all expectations for trashiness. There’s even a giant spanning wheel for prizes. This is so awful I may be compelled to watch.

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