How Vince Young Spent $300,000 On His Birthday Party

02.13.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

We found out last year that Vince Young is in a spot of financial trouble by virtue of being generally dumb with money, coupled with reckless spending habits. The usual recipe disaster with pro athletes. It’s gotten so bad that VY is suing his former agent and financial planner, claiming they took out a $1.9 million loan in his name and spent the money on themselves. Well, obviously these two men aren’t not going to fight back. The former financial planner testified that the loans were taken out to satisfy Young’s various personal obligations. However, the financial planner also testified that more than $300,000 of that loan ended up being used on VY’s 28th birthday party. Quite the celebration. Judging from how athletes typically roll, it’s probably not all that uncommon for one to run up a bill in the six figures. Still, it’s worth knowing the unique way Vince Young would have run up that tab.

$30,000 – Amount to rent a Cheesecake Factory for a night, plus damage deposit (not recovered)
$50,000 – Pinnacle whipped cream vodka
$1,500 – Whipped cream
$2,500 – Tearaway shirts (200 count)
$1,000 – Top-of-the-line bounce house

$4,000 – Bounce house insurance
$30,000 – Vince Young sausage (“Like paying myself back!”)
$50 – Fee for Tiki Barber appearance
$50,000 – Jet trip to afterparty at another Cheesecake Factory in a different state
$30,000 – Rental cost for second Cheesecake Factory
$10,000 – Catering from P.F. Chang’s for afterparty
$50 – Gratuity for entire bar staff
$91,000 – Misplaced
$900 – Used to light molotov cocktails thrown at piles of money

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