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Giselle Malfitano

Giselle Malfitano

Kim Jong Un’s Former Lover Hyon Song-wol Executed For Sex Tape [Time]

5 Year Old Arizona Boy Will Receive Medicinal Marijuana For Seizures [HMJ]

The Mystery Of Flying Kicks Attempts To Shed Light On An Urban Legend [TSFJ]

‘Blurred Lines’ Approaching The ‘Most Popular Song Of All-Time’ [Uproxx]

Stop The Madness: Lugz Bites Nike’s Roshe Run [TSG]

Ragamuffins, Witches & Baggage [Gwarizm]

Feds Approve State Marijuana Legalization [Toke Signals]

Sexual Napalm: Sean Kingston’s Mom Janice Turner [C+D]

Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Is A ‘Warning’ [MTV]

Twitter Litter: the ‘Miley Twerks’ Edition [A To Z]

The History of Nike LeBron “China” Editions [SN]

Sean Kingston Discusses New Album, Playboy Persona & Maliah’s Booty [Urban Daily]

Inside Gaddafi’s Harem: The Story of a Girl’s Abduction [The Daily Beast]

Girls Gone Wild Owner Joe Francis Jailed For Nine Months [News AU]

New Jersey Bans ‘ATHEIST’ Vanity Plate, Calls It ‘Offensive’ [RT]

Some Teams Interested In Aaron Hernandez Even If He’s Convicted [KSK]

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