IamSu! Ft. Sage The Gemini & 2 Chainz – “Only That Real”

01.29.14 4 years ago

Iamsu Sage The Gemini 2 Chainz Only That Real

How can you not like IamSu!? That’s just plain rude. It’s like hating on kittens or puppies.

With a steady stream of quality music, “Only That Real” is Suzy’s first release of the year. It has that fun bounce to it that his best cuts seem to have, and might be a contender as his best song (I still happen to be quite fond of “Function”).

2 Chainz gives the HBK Gang General a verse, stating that he’s still got every chain he’s ever had (“tru!” even though I know what you’re thinking!) and fellow HBK Gang member Sage the Gemini does an admirable job as well. Expect more to come from IamSu!’s upcoming Sincerely Yours album.

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