Back In Business: Ice Cube To Possibly Open The ‘Barbershop’ For A Third Time

03.27.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

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Any man can attest not many feelings in the world rank higher than a fresh haircut confidence boost. MGM is allegedly hoping to rekindle the same feeling with news the company is negotiationg a seven-figure deal with Ice Cube to star in the third installment of the trilogy.

They are about to start talking to writers and I’m told the hope is to re-enlist Cedric the Entertainer and Queen Latifah as well. The 2002 original cost $12 million and grossed $75 million domestic while the 2004 sequel cost $30 million and grossed $65 million. MGM, whose late good fortunes are driven primarily by the 007 and Hobbit franchises, have clearly made franchise building a priority. There is a second Hot Tub Time Machine coming through Paramount at year’s end, Hercules has sequel aspirations, and there is the revival of the Poltergeist series. MGM is also working on the animated version of The Addams Family.

So, yes, two things are evident here.

1. MGM isn’t hurting for money. And when the first film nets $63M in profit and the second does $35M, why the hell not run back to the well and see if lightening can be captured in a bottle one more time?

2. Cube need not ever rap again. That’s not said as a slight, but rather Hollywood has been and still currently is being quite cordial with Doughboy. The 22 Jump Street sequel is slated to hit theaters this June. And Ride Along 2 is already in the works following the original grossing $146M worldwide – on a $25M budget!

How do I feel about a Barbershop 3? To answer that question for all seven of you who are dying to know, it’s tough to tell because I can’t remember which one I liked better. Neither were Oscar-worthy films, but I do recall them being enjoyable. Pending roughly the same cast returns, I don’t see why BS3 can’t be a matinee trip or Redbox night in the distant future.

More importantly, however, Cube and F. Gary Gray need to ensure Straight Outta Compton happens. That’s what really matters here.

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