I’m Sorry, Lance Briggs

08.28.07 10 years ago 25 Comments

I am sorry that you wrecked your $350,000 car the other day, Lance. I was hanging in the dorms last night smoking toenails with Adewale and he told me about your car. Well, specifically, he told me about how you wrapped it around some light fixture in the street. A good lighting scheme can make all the difference, so I can see your intention there. Are you alright? I am surprised you could even fit in such a small car. I understand that Italian men are just scale replicas of normal-sized people, and that their cars are shrunken down accordingly.

Maybe that was your plan all along, Lance Briggs. You were just trying to stretch the car out so both of us could fit in there at the same time. You always were a thoughtful fellow, The cannonball home from Lake Forest would have been sweet, just like Miami Vice. I could have been Don Johnson to your Phillip Michael Estrada, but I guess we can forget about that for now.

This just hasn’t been your year, Lance Briggs. I mean, you got stuck with the franchise tag over the winter and all that. Now you’re only gonna make seven million dollars this year, not that either of us could count that high, even if we had like, 94 days or something. It’s a good thing we have direct deposit, it’s just one less thing. Hey, what did you do with that franchise tag? I never see you wear it…

But now you have no car, Lance Briggs, and that sucks. This one time in college I needed a new water pump in my Neon and I had to drop it off overnight, so I know exactly what you’re going through. When your game check comes in a couple weeks, we can go get you another car, and maybe invest some money into some better tires. I know this homeless guy over in Gary, Indiana, so we can register it in his name if you don’t want to deal with the cops next time you plow into an embankment. Think about it, the offer is on the table.

So, do you need a ride to CVS or something?

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