Important Breaking News: Big T*ts Zombie 3D

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There’s a headline I never thought I’d type. The first batch of promo photos have been released from Big T*ts Zombie in 3D by J-sploitation director Takao Nakano and staring Japanese adult video idol Sora Aoi, whom Wikipedia helpfully points out has a G-cup and is “best known for her large breasts”.  And yet some people still say Wikipedia pages shouldn’t be used for school reports.

The film is an adaptation of Rei Mikamoto’s manga “Kyonyuu Dragon” about a group of strippers fighting a zombie infestation. The manga is also nicknamed “Big T*ts Dragon”, hence the classy movie title.  The exclamation point filled official synopsis and the possibly NSFW promo stills are below:


Deadly DD‐Cups!!!

A bloody Armageddon has begun!


Rena Jodo (Sola Aoi) is a stripper who just got back from Mexico and she has been offered a gig at a hot spring resort. When she arrives, she finds a deserted country town. There’s hardly anyone in the audience at the strip club and all the other strippers, including Ginko (Risa Kasumi), Maria (Mari Sakurai), Nene (Tamayo) and Dana (Io Aikawa) are all bored stiff. They don’t know what to do with their time and they are on the verge of fighting each other.

When they decide to go down to the basement of the club to kill time, Maria finds a “Book of the Dead” near “the Well of the Spirit.” [Ed.- The basement of every strip club has these things.  True story.] But who could have imagined the horror and panic that find would bring? Maria’s reading of the book out loud has somehow revived the dead and zombies start appearing all over the world attacking mankind. It’s Hell in the real world!

Dana and Nene are bitten by the zombies and they turn into living dead who attack Rena and Ginko. The poor big‐bosomed babes have no choice but to fight against Maria who now rules the zombies and tries to establish a kingdom of zombies. Rena and Ginko have to challenge Maria and the hordes of zombies! And how does the Blue Demon Devil (Minoru Torihada) fit in?

Finally, a movie that should be 3D.

[More promo stills over at Twitchfilm]

“Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal system?”

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