X Is Coming…

05.08.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

Back in the olden days of TSS, we used to partake in these events called Artist Weeks that highlighted one aspect of our culture from Monday to Friday. In the past, we’ve dedicated these weeks to artists like Nas, T.I. and the year 1998 itself.

This time, we’re proud to mark the 15th anniversary of It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot with a week-long tribute to DMX. Sadly, thanks to events of the past few months, there are people who probably only know Earl Simmons as the cursing, torn-apart drug addict from that show on the O Network, but that only betrays the fact he had probably the hottest one-year run in rap history while single-handedly turning the whole entire rap world on its head.

So, beginning on May 13th, we’ll be churning out some fun posts about why we think DMX is one of the greats. Until then, here’s a quick refresher course on DMX courtesy of VH1’s Behind The Music.

Also, to get ready for the week, we’ll be tweeting DMX lyrics with the hashtag #DMXWeekIsComing. Join in and hit us with your favorite bars from the Dark Man.

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