Isaiah Rashad – “Heavenly Father” Video

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03.13.14 15 Comments

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Let me go on record to say “Heavenly Father” is the best song of 2014. So far, obviously, since the year is still mad young. Three months in and I’m pretty sure Isaiah Rashad’s confessional has been the most replayed song on all my devices.

On the record, Rashad sounds a lot older than he actually is. His voice carries more weight, more bass. Yet, his words reveal that he’s just another twenty-something searching for his way, asking God for a guiding light and for others to simply fall back with all the noise. Searching for salvation, self-medicating while waiting.

“That I’m doomed to die young, addicted to dry plum
These bitches ain’t shit and pussy is my greatest vice
I love smoking weed, I hate advice
I know some niggas that talk good
The wise men from a long line of bitch made and bridesmen
You never had nothing but fucking dreams
You just caught up in the hype
The fashion and so it seems, the limelight
I know that I rhyme tight
No need for your two cents and burning your blueprints
These people think I really give a fuck about the shit they give a fuck about
Just need a moment of silence, just close your fucking mouth”

Every single time I hit that section of the song, emotions well up in a way that speaks to the power of words. The first play may get me hype. The second may make my mind drift off into my own world where I don’t want anybody’s two cents or trying to tell me how to make my dreams come true. In a strong way, there’s a lot of Brad Jordan in Isaiah’s whole appearance on “Heavenly Father,” as if he channeled the Geto Boy’s spirit from his early solo albums and brought them to the now.

So yeah, “Heavenly Father” is definitely the best song in 2014. So far. Since the track’s retained its powerful hold over me from play one to clicking play on the video today, I’m not 100% sure if anything’s going to come behind and knock off the top spot. I know a song might, but right now I’m content with “Heavenly Father” holding it down.

Shoutout to the brothers at Scheme Engine for their work on the visual, too.

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