It Is What It Is And That’s Football

08.21.12 5 years ago 23 Comments

Turns out Michael Vick is gonna be okay, at least until the next time he takes the field, following the scare on Monday night after he took a nasty hit to the torso by Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham. Because it was bound to be the biggest news coming out of the game, reporters were ready to hector Cunningham about it in the locker room. What follows is a tour de force of non-answer discipline:

How did it feel?

Cunningham: “It’s always good to be out there playing football.”

How about the hit on Vick?

Cunningham: “That’s football, hits like that happen all the time.”

Were you surprised he was hurt?

Cunningham: “That’s football.”

Have you felt comfortable in camp?

Cunningham: “It feels good to be out there playing football.”

How is it playing different end positions?

Cunningham: “Just going out there playing football, whichever side you’re on, wherever you’re lined up at.”

How much was the hit on Vick instinctive, and how much was it reading the play?

Cunningham: “Yeah, that’s just football, going out there and getting the person with the ball … running back, quarterback, receiver, whoever it is.”

Could you tell Vick was going to be in trouble?

Cunningham: “I mean, it’s just football, man.”

Do you like going up against an athletic player like Vick?

Cunningham: “That’s the game of football, man.”

Is that your answer for the night?

Cunningham: “It is.”

This is a player who knows how to interact with media whores. Well done, Grumblelord and whoever his agent is. Reporters love nothing more than finding 20 different ways of asking the same question in hopes of eventually eliciting a sensationalism nugget they can use to punch up a story. Way to make ’em work for it.

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