Jadakiss And All His Lonely Friends Celebrated His One Million Twitter Followers With A Party

09.27.13 4 years ago 37 Comments

a toast to the Twitter fans

Look at the thirst in their eyes

I can read your mind. I hear you thinking “They actually have parties for gaining Twitter followers?” Apparently so since Jadakiss and his fans gathered at NY’s Pink Elephant on Thursday night to celebrate ‘Kiss passing one million Twitter followers.

I promise that I’m just as confused as everyone else. It wasn’t so damn Friday I would take the time to caption these photos but I just don’t have it in me. In a city of so many, it’s just hard to imagine there being this many lonely people whose best entertainment option was to go to a Twitter party. Despair, I have found thee in the eyes of these wayward souls and I gently weep.

No word on whether Jada has an album coming out or if he still frequently raps for that matter.

a fan asks a question during the Q&A

every fan in the bldg was tweeting

the congratulatory cake

piece of cake

Folks are wrapped around the building

The ladies have their raffle tickets ready

Photos: Photos: Stephen Knight/The 135th Street Agency

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