Jeff Teague, Kevin Durant Meet At The Rim And Teague Wins

11.05.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

The bad news for Oklahoma City fans – they’re 1-2 to start the season. And watching James Harden go stupid down in H-Town has to be a non-stop punch to the nuts. The good news – there’s still 79 games to go. And come a few days from now, no one will ever remember Jeff Teague putting potential MVP candidate/face of the franchise, Kevin Durant, on a poster.

With Russell Westbrook all but begging Teague to go right, Atlanta’s point guard did and with Durant serving as the last line of defense, it was pretty much one of those “meet-me-at-the-rim-if-there’s-an-issue” moments. In this case, the point guard won out. Not to be understated, OKC lost 105-94 with Durant and Westbrook going a combined 12-35 shooting, despite the fact KD earned his third consecutive double-double to start the season (22-12-8).*

No need to hit the panic button though, especially given the fact most people haven’t even began shopping for Thanksgiving dinner yet.

* – For what it’s worth, Kevin Martin dropped 28 on 8-11 FG’s.

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