Long Live The Mad Band

03.26.10 8 years ago 42 Comments

It’s well understood TSS is 75% Hip-Hop, 15% slam dunk footage and the remaining 10% is whatever the hell else happens to float across our collective minds at a given moment. This is a completely random place, but at the same time, it’s structured. With this in mind, I like to slide some R&B related content in from time to time. Besides, you can’t be selling weight and busting your gun all the time, right?

When it comes to ’90s R&B, it should go without saying (most of) the music created was timeless. One of the better things about the decade were the groups and the soundtracks they provided. New Edition, Boyz II Men, H-Town, Dru Hill, TLC, even a young Destiny’s Child offered hits during the latter years of the decade. In my eyes, however, they all took a back seat to the band that was mad and their music which was just as much smooth as it was edgy. Obviously, I’m referring to the one and only, Jodeci.

But do K-Ci, JoJo, Devante Swing and Davlin really deserve that type of accolade? Of course they do. And yes, I still remember “the fall.”

1.) The Party Scene – Man, listen. Had I been old enough to go to college in the early ’90s, I would’ve been in each party with my high top fade and mismatched clothes. Because that was the style. But damn, can you imagine what the room was like when “Forever My Lady” or “Freek’n You” dropped? I can. Remember that “deer-in-the-headlights” look everyone used to get when they heard the first five seconds of “Back That Azz Up?” Same thing probably happened here.

2.) They Recorded With ‘Pac – Not a real reason, but it works just as well. At some point, at least three or four of the members worked with Pac in some capacity. K-Ci and JoJo, most notably, on the hit “How Do U Want It” and DeVante on the production side. Remember, they also had a song with Ghostface and Rae and even had Snoop in one of their earlier videos. R&B thugs, I guess you could say.

3.) “I Hope My Gina Does The Dishes…” – To this day, the Martin Lawrence “remix” of “Lately” remains one of the funniest clips in sitcom history. First time I saw it I literally had tears rolling down my face for 15 minutes. I wish I could pick out a favorite moment, but the whole damn scene was funny. Especially the “Damnit, Dalvin, they always crying…” part.

4.) “OOO YEAH…” – For people who can’t sing like myself, this was great. All you had to do was say this with a little bass in your voice and you were doing it right. At least, I felt like I was. It was the predecessor for Trey’s “YUP,” Gucci’s “BURR,” Jeezy’s “YEAHHH,” Jay-Z’s “WASSUP?!” and Jada’s laugh. They all need to pay homage. People will probably never admit it though.

5.) Baby Boom – Take a second to paint a mental picture of your family tree. Chances are if you’ve got younger relatives (like 7-10 years younger than you), they were probably the result of that “deer-in-the-headlights” look I was talking about earlier. You’d be amazed what alcohol, slow jams and dimly lit rooms will do for the world’s population.

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