This Is ESPN, This Is The Real John Clayton

09.06.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

ESPN’s John Clayton, everyone’s favorite Mr. Mackey look-alike, just seems like that stereotypical sports journalist who became a nerdy personality because he wasn’t good at sports growing up. Now that might be completely inaccurate, but it seems even ESPN brass understands that most viewers probably think Clayton rolls 12-sided die after he wraps one of his NFL segments.

Which is why they and Clayton have decided to satirize John’s nebbish image in an upcoming “This Is SportsCenter” segment, depicting him as a Chinese-food downing, Slayer-worshipping, pony-tailed NFL savant. It’s a whip-smart clip that only furthers the argument that ESPN’s long-running SportsCenter advertising campaign might be one of the funniest ever. And now we get to laugh at John Clayton’s expense. That’s a win for both ESPN and viewers.

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