Jordan Endorses KSK!

11.06.07 10 years ago 10 Comments

Every day until voting for the 2007 Weblog Awards closes on November 8th, we’ll have a new celebrity endorsing us and encouraging you to vote KSK for Best Sports Blog. And, should these celebrities be female, and possess a surplus of cleavage and a deficit of clothing, well, we can’t help who chooses to love us. Today’s celebrity endorser is model Katie Price, aka Jordan. Jordan, what do YOU think of KSK?

“I love KSK because they talk about the issues that affect me as a citizen. Issues like, does the above swimsuit reveal my nipple? Because honestly, I can’t tell if this is a nip slip or not. KSK also shares my concerns about horseless horsebackriding.

“All big-breasted models such as myself deserve a horse to ride on, so that our huge mammaries might bounce up and down in the name of freedom. Without a horse’s back to grind against, how am I supposed to get the proper vaginal stimulation? KSK’s progressive attitude on this matter is exactly what I’m looking for.

“And will photographers stop making me do the crabwalk in high heels? Jesus Christ, man. This isn’t the military.

“I also support KSK’s proposal for a 18% increase in leg warmer subsidies. And they support wearing two bras at the same time. They’ve got my vote!”

Thanks, Jordan! Stay tuned for more endorsements from models who went way overboard at the plastic surgeon’s office all week! And be sure to vote every day, even if your wife left you to run away with her gynecologist!

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