K Camp – Slumlords Mixtape x “Slum Anthem” Video

06.13.14 3 years ago

All that needs to be known about the Slumlords tape is that there’s plenty of new K Camp songs. We’ve been hooked on Mr Money Baby for a while now, so we pretty much know what to expect here. However, his song “Manners” with PeeWee Longway is so weird in the sense that it sounds like a pop song built for an arena, that some of us – okay, just me – actually enjoy it.

K isn’t the only Slumlord, though, and also uses this opportunity to formally introduce Tha Joker and Sy Ari Da Kid to his audience. Wale and Yo Gotti, in addition to other Slum Lords affiliates Marissa, Dan Diego, and Damar Johnson, round out the features. Plus, the “Cut Her Off” remix with Boosie, YG, and Too $hort is on here, too, so grab that below if you haven’t done so yet.

Around the same time that the tape dropped, so did K Camp’s “Slum Anthem” video. I read a sentence on the Internet somewhere that likened it to “Big Pimpin” in some fashion. No one ever said anything was wrong with girls twerking in their bikinis, but no. Just no. At best, it could be a low-budget inspired take on Hov’s classic video.

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