litkaby. – Just Because (Japanese Import)

02.06.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

litkaby just because album cover

Kaby brought a partner-in-crime along for round two.

Over a diverse, crisp set of backdrops – courtesy of house producer Nathan Zensen – the Nashville-based MC joins forces with fellow Tennessean P.A. Lit for a concise, five-track EP titled Just Because. As pleasant a surprise as the project’s title would indicate, there’s a whole lot of muscle here, and virtually no fat, much like H.E.R.E., Kaby’s solo release that found its way to our 2013 “Slept-On” list.

From the jump, “Tea Time At The Apollo” opens up with an incredible lyrical showcase. And then the track completely flips at around the 2:20 mark, in a way that, if played in the appropriate whip, is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. And the outro, “Crazy, Happy Times With You,” should inspire some pretty appropriate feelings, given the name of the track.

From what we’ve seen, Kaby and his team are batting two-for-two. With those stats, it’s hard not to anticipate hearing and seeing what they come with next.

Downloadlitkaby. – Just Because (Japanese Import Edition)

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