Kanye’s adidas Plans: 20 Sneakers, Men’s And Women’s Clothing And A September Launch Date

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12.26.13 20 Comments

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“Why did Jordan go play for the Wizards? Why did he not come back to Chicago? Because the Bulls would not give Michael Jordan a piece of the Bulls.”

Grab a Snickers before hitting play on Kanye’s recent interview with Chicago radio station 107.5. Over the course of the 20-minute audio, Kanye expresses all of his aspirations in both music and fashion with the majority of the conversation centered on the latter.

Per the horse’s mouth, his recent partnership with adidas will not only include sneakers but also gear for men and women as well as stand alone stores for his upcoming label. “We designed the entire women’s collection,” West shared. “We designed the entire men’s collection. And we designed 20 shoes. We coming in September and it’s about to be a paradigm shift.” In other words, the whole thing is way bigger than just shoes, which is what Kanye’s been outspoken about in interviews over recent months.

If you go no further, that’s probably the key information to walk away knowing. But besides that, the quotables run rampant throughout.

The burning desire to design:

“It’s just like having a record deal, simple as that. What if I would have been stopped at The College Dropout and I never got the chance to make ‘Gold Digger’ and I never got the chance to make ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ and I never got the chance to get to ‘N*ggas In Paris’ – with Nike, they were trying to confine the idea. They always send celebrity marketing to me and I’m like, ‘I’m a designer, I’m a creator, why don’t you just let me create? I got some ideas right here and you saw with these two Yeezys right here how much they worked.’”

The difference between his deal with adidas versus Nike’s proposed deal

“At a certain point, [Nike] brought a contract finally, after I did those BBC interviews,” West said. “I looked at the adidas contract. I looked at the Nike contract. And I looked in my daughter’s eyes and I made the decision I needed to make to be able to expand my ability to create product.”

What furthered the split from Nike plus how he expects them to react:

“I appreciate Nike for allowing me the opportunity to express myself [but] it ain’t like they wanted me to do a Yeezy. When I first came in, they said ‘Can you just put the ‘Touch The Sky’ lyrics inside these next LeBrons?’I said, ‘No.’ And I Chicago’ed my way into finally having some Yeezys and I made some Yeezys. … Nike will tell store owners, ‘Okay, if you want these Red Octobers, you gotta take these ten other Nike’s.’ And then they’ll come to me like, ‘Yeah, we don’t even know when we’re starting it yet, we don’t know when the next ones are even coming out.’

“I’m saying that because you need to hear this, in Portland – listen, at the Nike campus, that methodology, that’s not going to work – it’s not going to work now because Kanye West, I’m at Adidas. The game has flipped already. It ain’t nobody you can run to, it ain’t nowhere you can hide. I just got back from Germany, it was one of my greatest creative days in my life. We designed the entire women’s collection, we designed the entire men’s collection and we designed 20 shoes. We coming in September and it’s about to be a paradigm shift. What I’m saying is be nice. Nike, be nice to these stores, be nice to people. Be nice and we not each other’s enemies. All that pimping, extortion and making people feel less of themselves, that’s not gonna happen no more.”

Listen to the full 107.5 interview below.

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