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Zana S Francis2

Zana S Francis

Kanye West Sues COINYE, Themed Digital Currency, Over Trademark Infringement [NYDN]

‘Anchorman 2’ Box Office: What Happened? [Movies Now]

9 Winter Boots You Can Rock From Street To Snow [Crosby Press]

The Man Who Hasn’t Bathed For 60 Years [Popdust]

Bet You Didn’t Know Scott Storch Wrote Or Produced These Songs [Giant]

Mitt Romney Actually Did The ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance [Digg]

The Fascinating Origin Of Pixar [TIFO]

The World’s Taste For Whiskey, Visualized [Quartz]

NASA Says You Need To Nap [Priceonomics]

‘No Means No’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does [Slate]

Honest Action Breaks Down ‘Home Alone’ Injuries [The Urban Daily]

Texting Is No Longer Cool [Daily Mail]

Man Robs Gas Station With Nothing More Than A Fork [NBC NY]

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