Music With A Message: Karega Bailey’s “Frontline Solja” Video

01.09.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


A frustrating aspect of Internet coverage can be the occasional disconnect in reception. Highlight a positive, and feedback sometimes returns minimal, if any at all. Post a perceived stereotype or negative and, well, revisit the Sharkeshia haymaker if further proof is needed.

In particular with Hip-Hop, this isn’t placing blame on any one party – those who report the news and those who receive it. However, understanding there are MC’s around attempting to carry the torch of not only providing a beacon of light and hope for their communities, but reinforcing such in their music is inspiring to say the least.

Karega Bailey’s “Frontline Solja” speaks to such testament.

“It’s evident I’m militant, but that don’t mean I’m violent
Contrary to your rights it ain’t right to remain silent
Not when all our kids are dying
Somebody’s gotta fight to protect what’s right
So when faced with violence fighting’s what you do to protect your life
In the battlefield
And can’t nobody on this Earth tell me this war ain’t real
Until they feel the pain my people feel, they might not think it is a big deal
Until the one they love is the one who someone kills
I seen my students lose to many peers
So on they face they tattoo many tears, and pour out many beers
They burn the blunt hoping to burn the bridge from past fears
So with this verse I use these words to be clear
A war on violence, a war on silence
A war on music of confusion from the undecided
Yes, a war on prison, a war on drugs
A war on education that miseducates us
I’m out…”

Much of the Sacramento native’s life is dedicated to the exact sentiments expressed in this video, evident through his time as a teacher at the Maya Angelou Public Charter School in D.C, musician and spoken word artist. Spreading a message only works if the message is actually spread. Karega’s doing his part. Now it’s up to the rest of us to do ours.

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