These Kids Don’t Know What A Walkman Is.

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04.15.14 17 Comments

kids react to walkman video

There’s nostalgia, and then there’s sh*t that makes you feel like a really old fart and ruins your day. Well this video is a little bit of both.

The folks at TheFineBros YouTube channel decided to hand a bunch of kids Walkmans, one of the prized possessions of my childhood*, and film their reactions for the lulz.

Well, the results are as cruel as you’d imagine. Just a day after my daughter asked if cars existed when I was born (I’m 28 and she doesn’t have a TV now) these kids twist the knife just a little more. But shoutout to the ever so sweet Samirah, who not only knew what a Walkman was, but also enjoyed toying with the relic that is my childhood.

Now, excuse me while I go back to feeling like a geezer.

* — The first two albums I ever purchased with my own money, Doggystyle and The Chronic, were on tape and I played them until I couldn’t spin the tape back in with a pencil anymore. If you relate then apparently you’re old too.

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