Klearinghouse: Johnny Clipboard fined, understanding pot DUIs, Bon Jovi too poor to buy Bills

08.22.14 3 years ago 48 Comments

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  • Johnny Clipboard was fined $12,000 for flipping off the Washington bench on Monday. Word on the street is that Manziel, in a fit of rage, expelled the Drinking Swan from his entourage for saying to him, “But everybody likes birds.” No word on when the quarterback was going to sit down with Peter King to apologize for his transgressions against The Shield.
  • Continuing the Johnny Sports beat, Browns coach Mike Pettine told Sirius/XM radio this morning the Browns are considering running a Manziel package. Gimmicky packages always sound like a good idea and then you remember you’re preparing for the professional league and not the PAC-12. Slight of hands don’t usually last long at this level.
  • Former Pittsburgh Steeler Isaac Redman took to Twitter this morning to explain why he is no longer in the league:

 What Redman failed to mention in his statement was the team that had contacted him was in fact the Steelers about ten minutes after the Blount and Bell bust.

  • News that’s not in the AFC North, the Minnesota Vikings are adding another $19 million dollars to the budget of their new stadium, bringing the cost of construction to just over a billion dollars. The money will go to opening the massive glass doors. How do you start construction without a way to open the doors? Did they plan on letting Vikings fans in or where they going to have to tunnel in like golden gophers?
  • Buffalo head coach Doug Marrone apparently spent yesterday’s practice rehearsing his swears as fighting continues at Bills camp.

“You’re going to get fined by the (expletive) league,” Marrone said. “Get your (expletive) right.”

Let’s guess what he said:

“You’re going to get fined by the effing league,” Marrone said. “Get your poop right.”

He might need more work on the language skills.

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