Klearinghouse: Mankins on the Move, Josh Gordon Waits, Michael Sam Showers

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Super Bowl Send-Off Rally For The New England Patriots

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– The New England Patriots traded team stalwart Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay in exchange for tight end Tim Wright and a 2015 fourth round draft pick. It’s a good move for the team salary-wise but most importantly, keeps coach Bill Belichick disciplined and cold enough to let go of even his team captains.

– ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that a decision has been made in the Josh Gordon case, but the league has to decide on when to issue it. Not like the season doesn’t start next week or anything.

– Speaking of cold New England things, today Bristol Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh granted Aaron Hernandez’s request to suppress evidence found on two cellphones and three iPads taken from his home during a search. The items were not clearly spelled out on the warrant which had specified “any global positioning system devices” and maybe someone can explain to this judge how technology works these days.

– Brady Quinn’s time with the Dolphins has come to a merciful end after a couple short weeks so we can all go back to wondering how he scored a sweet commenting gig with Fox Sports.

– In news that is so stupid it has to be stupidly defended, the World Wide Leader reported on Michael Sam’s shower schedule with the Rams. In a statement defending the report:

“In response to recent questions about Sam fitting in with the team, multiple Rams brought up the shower topic and we relayed that information as part of our reporting.”

Obviously showering is going to come up, it’s a goddamn locker room, but it still seems like ESPN was addressing a very small demo obsessed with 1980s teen comedies like this:

Just one of the guys


Sean Gilbert held a conference call with about 200 players, 40 agents and select media to state his platform in his efforts to oust DeMaurice Smith as the head of the NFLPA. Among the changes Gilbert proposes; a termination of the CBA, $1 million dollar minimum salary, a reduction in union dues, rookie contracts to be for three years, free agency after three years, eliminating the “transition” tag and allowing a player only to be given the “franchise” designation once in their career. According to the Washington Post though, Gilbert’s campaign may only have limited support and may be the work of agents unhappy with the current contract.

– Not really news, but we have one last weekend of lazy reading before heading into the season and the Buffalo News put together a list of best sports books as selected by [mostly white, all male] sports writers. Some good reads on there if you’re looking for material, or at the very least, a laugh at Gregg Easterbrook selecting his own book.

– As a person who has to reset pretty much every password I have every couple of days thanks to a tsetse fly-sized memory bank, I can I appreciate Philadelphia Eagle Jason Peters giving up and just starting a new Instagram account each time he forgets his password. According to teammate Evan Mathis, Peters is on his fourth account.

– And finally in a bit of housekeeping news, With Leather is now Uproxx Sports. Update your bookmarks accordingly.

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