Kommentariat Comments of the Week: June 18-24, 2014

06.25.14 3 years ago 60 Comments

Welcome to the KSK Kommentariat, where brother Nippopotamus remarked in the open thread for KSK World Cup Open Thread: Italy-Costa Rica! Switzerland-France! Honduras-Ecuador!, “I learn more about history from the Kommentariat than I ever did in school. Thanks Obama.”

Aside of the above, a reminder we’re still not picking KOTW from the World Cup open threads. It’s summer school. Feel free to nominate your own favorite comments and we’ll give them an A for just showing up. That being said, at least three different commenters used “superbowl” instead of the proper Super Bowl. I understand it’s the offseason and we all want to be lazy, but you know how I feel about this issue. Get it together or we’ll be forced to write your name on the chalkboard for everyone to see your mistake. 

I am your host Sarah Sprague and these are your Comments of the Week for June 24, 2014. Thank you for not killing each other in the twenty or so PoFlaWas over the past seven days. 

KILL KILL KILL: Cobra Retreat


Patterns are for pussies — Michael Bay on world history, china shopping

Down Home Wisdom with Terry Bradshaw — Political Edition!

Moose (The Thread Ender)

The off season is fantastic. If it wasn’t I would not be able to have read ” you’re a hopelessly retarded.”

Hobo Spices

Nothing wrong with quarterbacks getting political. Eli Manning famously fought to increase bedtime to 8 PM and repeal the tyranny of the “No Cookies for Breakfast” law.


Catler has worked relentlessly against spay and neuter laws, but ultimately found he DOOOOOOOOOOOON’T CAAAAAAAAAAARE for Wasington’s politics as usual.

Steve Smith To Lardarius Webb: ‘Glaze Up, Son’

Picketts Charge

Steve Smith is turning into Good Guy Steve. Why, just a few weeks ago he sent Josh Gordon a bag of weed with a VERY similar message, and a good time was had by all.

U.S. Patent And Trademark Office Cancels Six Redskins’ Trademarks

Old School Zero

Appeal? Nah. Dan Snyder’s going to come up short. Really short.

(Reply) Derp Gently
Coming up short is a time honored Redskins tradition

(Reply) Crack Butt Block

If Snyder wanted to come up short, wouldn’t he change the name to “The Foreskins.”

(Reply) Derp Gently

Dan Snyder will never intentionally be less of a dick. 

In addition to the KOTW, Kommenter Old School Zero mentioned in a thread he’s raising money for an MS bike marathon fundraiser he is doing. If you feel like supporting his fundraising efforts, you can so here

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