KSK ExKlusive: Peyton Manning’s Most Personal Thoughts Revealed!

10.22.07 10 years ago 9 Comments

We’re proud to announce that despite a complete lack of computer skills we’ve managed to hack into Peyton Manning’s e-diary! Here’s the first of what will hopefully be many in a look at the little girl living inside the man.

October 19, 2007

Dear Diary,

Can you believe that Ashley just tried to have sex with me?


Like I told her on our wedding night, only one woman touches Pey-Pey and her name is Mom. I have sex with my wife the same way I have sex with you Mr. Diary, by busting a perfectly straight line down the spine. I’ve got control like Julia Child with a pastry bag, once a year I even write Happy Birthday on her back (I can’t get full release when those boobs are bouncing all over the place). But seriously, she should know better by now; sex with women is number three on my list of fears behind Hillary Clinton and ghost dads.

Here’s a list of5 things I’d do before putting Pey-Pey inside of a woman’s kitty cat…

1. Have gay relations with a cute little country music star
2. Defer any credit to Jim Caldwell
3. Quit acting
4. Call a real audible
5. Beat Florida

I don’t see what more she could possibly want from me. One time I even let her get a glimpse of Pey-Pey and the twins. That was the first time I conducted a public viewing since the thing with the whorish trainer at UT.

Gotta run to practice…big game on Monday Night! TTYL!

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