KSK Kommenter Draft: Eliminating One Menu Item From Existence

06.17.11 6 years ago 211 Comments

You’ve brought down the overall deliciousness of your last meal, you crinkle cut bastards.

I love food. It’s a simple fact that a quick search through the mock draft and kommenter draft archives will confirm. I love to cook, smell, eat, look at, and read about all sorts of different foods. But even somebody like me has a few foodstuffs they wish had never been invented. While it would be easy to pick anything preceded by the words “Guy Fieri,” we’ll try to keep this draft a bit more specific. You are tasked with selecting the one specific dish you would banish from menus the world over.

With the first pick, I’m taking crinkle cut fries. Ugh. Nothing about these is good. They could be made from scratch right in front of my face and they’d still taste like frozen crap. They are by far the worst take on the fried potato, behind the classic french fry, the majesty of the curly fry, and even the overly potato-y steak fry. You hear that, crinkle cuts? You’re worse than steak fries! Make your picks in the comments, and please wait ten picks before selecting again.

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