KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Kelly Tough

05.29.14 3 years ago 67 Comments

Jim Kelly’s radiation treatments are done! Does that mean he’s all better now? What do I look like, a doctor? If my time spent trying to impersonate a doctor is any indication, no, I do not.

— Aaron Hernandez has plead not guilty to the 2012 double-murder for which he was recently indicted and allegedly started when one of the victims bumped into him at a nightclub. Incidentally, we’re coming of on the one-year anniversary of Aaron Hernandez’s first murder charge in a few weeks. I think we should all celebrate by smashing our security system.

— Reminder that this evening is the annual installment of one of KSK’s most treasured off-season traditions: the spelling bee live blog. When I told him about it, PFT Commenter objected that telling is more important than spelling so I tried to convince to him to a telling bee, but thus far no success.

— One of Julio Jones’ brother’s arms had to be removed due to injuries sustained from a gunshot wound on Tuesday in Alabama.

— I can’t in good conscience make fun of what happened to Julio’s brother, but an injury to an ultimate frisbee player? That I’ll giggle to for the rest of the day.

— Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas have been spotted using a football covered in green Lycra during a Broncos OTA and don’t want to discuss why. Thomas used a similar one in 2012 to help with fumbling issues, but that’s not an exciting enough explanation. Instead, let’s assume Denver is going to insist on using their green ball in games and play under protest if the league won’t let them.

— A Dolphins scout is claiming he was fired by new general manager Dennis Hickey because Hickey was upset that the scout was working from home to care for his sick wife. According to the report, Jeff Ireland was fine with the practice during his tenure, meaning there might actually be someone worse than Jeff Ireland.

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