KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: The Michael Sam Taiwanese Animation Video

02.11.14 4 years ago 33 Comments

The Taiwanese animators at NMA Media have their video on the Michael Sam story, though curiously the best moment is when they try to shoehorn a reference to the ongoing Redskins name drama by showing a Native American kicking a generic NFL suit in the junk. Not that that isn’t appreciated.

— Jon Stewart’s take is a little more thoughtful, but features less kicking in the nuts. There’s always a tradeoff, I suppose.

— Meanwhile, ESPN.com has an unfortunate typo in the Michael Sam story.


— DeMaurice Smith said the NFL general managers who assailed Michael Sam anonymously are gutless. Yes, but what of the media jackasses that enable them?

— TMZ has video from October of Michael Sam dancing shirtless in a gay club. Sincere apologies if viewing this instantly turns you and your favorite football team gay.

— A man invited RGIII to his wedding. The quarterback declined to attend but returned the invitation with an autograph and included an autographed football card. THE AUTOGRAPHED CARD WAS THEN RETURNED FOR A TOUCHDOWN A-HORK-HORK.

— The mayor of Secaucus, NJ is seeking $30,000 from the NFL to repay expenses incurred during Super Bowl week, including funds spent to prepare a high school parking lot as a staging area for the halftime show. Naturally, the NFL is telling the city to go pound salt. That sucks and the NFL will surely come to regret it when Peter King scrawls SECAUCUS MAKES, THE NFL TAKES on every overpass in Jersey.

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