KSK Meast And Least For The Divisional Round

01.18.11 7 years ago 67 Comments

The NFLPA has made today #LETUSPLAY day, which probably means little to nothing to you useless you happen to follow a bunch of NFL players on Twitter. Even if you do, you’d be excused for mostly ignoring it. The gist is that players are all tweeting a plea to owners to allow them to play the next season and not force a lockout that would needlessly damage the sport. Sure, it’s a pointless gesture, but it’s hard to fault the players for getting the message out there. Nevertheless, someone has:

Myself, I’m saying no. No, I’m sorry, you don’t get to have a #LETUSPLAY day. Instead, how about every day be declared #SHUTUPANDWORKITOUTDAY until you people can decide on the best way to divide up your billions?

How dare you ask people to “do [their] part as a fan”, as if it’s the fans who aren’t doing enough here. You know what a fan’s job is? It’s to watch and enjoy this game. To spend money on tickets, television packages and merchandise. To submit our eyeballs to commercials before and after every single kickoff in a game.

You know that gigantic pile of money you guys can’t decide how to divide? That came from us. That was us, doing our part. It is not our part to take a side in your petty battle over who gets to roll around in more of that money.

Uh, MJD? You should probably realize the impending lockout, should it happen, is almost entirely the fault of the ownership, who are basically asking the players to forfeit money, play more games and receive essentially nothing in return. I’ve liked MJD for some time and continue to appreciate his work at Shutdown Corner, for no other reason than that he’s not Chris Chase. But the tedious and trite millionaires versus billionaires dichotomy doesn’t work here. It’s billionaires versus everybody. I can understand how you might not feel horrible for some NFL players, who won’t struggle at all financially even if they don’t play a single down next season, but you can mourn the far larger group of players for whom a lost season will mean a significant loss of income. Oh, and you can mourn a year without the great game we’ll be losing.

Anyway, your Meast for the divisional round is Aaron Rodgers, who put together one of the best statistical performances by a quarterback in postseason history, going 31-36 for 366 passing yards and three touchdowns, adding another one rushing as well. After the run TD, he fired back at Falcons’ defensive end John Abraham, who mocked his title belt celebration earlier in the drive. Rodgers was so good that a cancer patient who he spurned for an autograph came to his defense. We also considered Ryan Clark, Tramon Williams and the Jets secondary as a whole.

Your Least for the divisional round is Anquan Boldin. T.J. Houshmandzadeh also had an embarrassing and costly drop, but his final stat line wasn’t nearly this bad:

– Targeted five times
– Two drops, including a would-be go-ahead TD in the end zone
– Finished with one catch for negative two yards.

The Ravens’ offseason acquisition of Boldin elevated Baltimore to preseason Super Bowl favorite status. There was this often bandied and invoked exchange between he and Stabby that is now quite hilarious in retrospect.

Looks like someone made plans to watch from the stands early. A late entrant to the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club, maybe. We also considered Patrick Chung, Bill Belichick and Matt Ryan.

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