KSK Meast and Least of the Week — Week 13

12.08.09 8 years ago 70 Comments

Your Meast this week is “The Polish Rifle” and yinzer non grata Bruce Gradkowski, who possibly murdered the Steelers season with three 4th quarter touchdowns, including a game-winner with nine seconds left to Louis Murphy. Gradkowski had previously started two games on the road in Pittsburgh, with the Bucs in 2006 and the Browns in 2008, leading his offense to a combined total of three points. Judging from his first dropback, it looked to be more of the same.

Then, bam, fourthquarterkkake. Ape no smirre. This was a boon to flubby and retards who send subject-free e-mails to bloggers.

Quite the burn, Patty.

To recap: Ted Ginn, Matt Stafford and now Bruce Gradkowski have won the Meast this season. (None for Peyton!) What a time to be alive.

Your Least is Shaun “Shazam” Suisham, who has cost the Redskins no fewer than two games this year. And probably a few last year too. Ask Maj. He could tell you how many.

People love it when overpaid Redskins free agent acquisitions fail spectacularly, and, yeah, that’s always nice. But I also admire the poetry in one of the lesser paid and easily replaceable cogs in the Snyder Failbot Factory causing things to go awry.

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