KSK Mock Draft: Dream Interviewer

04.05.13 5 years ago 100 Comments

In honor of Drew’s appearance on Howard Stern’s show, we are going to draft our dream interviewer. You can go on anyone’s show, or be the subject of anyone’s profile piece. You choose the interviewer as you see fit.

1. Flubby – Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson's Famous Interview with Dolly… by tvnut

2. Sarah – Martha Stewart

Via Business Week

3. Ape – Nardwuar

4. CC – Scott Van Pelt

Via Delaware Online

I poked around history for someone more momentous, but I think I’d rather just talk to SVP for half an hour on his radio show.

5. UM – Roy Firestone

Buckle up. Things are going to get emotional in here.

6. Drew – Stephen Colbert

Via Uproxx.

7. Drew – Ed Bradley

Via CBS.

Oh man, getting interviewed by Ed Bradley would have been the shit.

8. UM – James Lipton

With Colbert gone, I’ll settle for a trip to Inside the Actors Studio.

“Jack, if you could be a light bulb, what kind of light bulb would you be?” -Drew

9. CC – Wright Thompson

Via Clarion Ledger

10. Ape – Eric Andre

11. Sarah – Space Ghost

12. Flubby – Oprah Winfrey

Carson & Oprah. It’s like [Flubby’s parents] decided to put their differences aside and do this draft for me.

Add your pick in the comments.

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