Lady GaGa – “Marry The Night” Video

12.02.11 6 years ago 12 Comments

People, like it or not, this is art in 2012. As a society, we are no longer fascinated by prestigious painters and the message embedded in their canvass creations. Hell, many of us probably couldn’t even rattle off a single illustrator that sticks strictly to a brush. Yet, when Lady GaGa’s making visuals as elaborate as “Marry The Night,” it’s not hard to see why.

Although the latest take from her Born This Way album might appear bat-shit crazy off rip, the unfortunate truth is that her rise to stardom was full of demons and this is actually, according to an interview she did with E!, an autobiographical story of that come-up. One scene specifically, where she gets a phone call in French and proceeds to douse herself in milk and cereal, is actually supposed to be when she got dropped from her first label, Island Def Jam. If we didn’t know the outcome, some might even find it disturbing. But, that’s art, right?

Regardless of how she delivers her message or how you feel about her music and character, GaGa is an artist in the truest form. At a glance, her delivery might seem more Jackson Pollack than Rembrandt, but there’s no question she pushes the limits to spread a meaningful message. You don’t have to like it, just know she’ll be hanging around for quite some time.

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