Watch: LeBron James’ ESPN “Sunday Conversation”

06.25.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

Hours before the Miami Heat waltzed through the city for the franchise’s second championship parade and first of the “Big Three” era, Rachel Nichols sat down with LeBron James to discuss his first NBA title. LBJ noted as a Michael Jordan fanatic and a player himself who suffered through years of setbacks, he had all the intentions in the world of letting the waterworks flow. As we saw immediately following the end of Game 5, however, the exact opposite happened with Bron still appearing to be humbled and awed more than any other emotion at the moment.

From there LBJ opens up about failure. Falling short so many times forced him to look in the mirror and reevaluate who he was as a person and a player. In his own words, becoming the butt of more jokes than any other current athlete made him a braver player during the game’s most tense stages. You know, all the self-analytical retrospective talk that comes whenever a person achieves a goal. And if you’re reading this, unfortunately, my funds wouldn’t allow me to fly to Miami for the parade. Maybe next…nevermind.

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