Lil B Goes Gay

04.17.11 7 years ago 101 Comments

During the Dipset era, guys wore oversized tees and pants. Phrases like “no homo” and “pause” were commonplace. The Harlem crew lead a fashion trend which fans picked up, turning it into an exaggerated epidemic. Remember when Footlocker stocked sizes 4x shirts and New Era’s above size 8 were sold alongside pink doo-rags? Yeah, thought so.

Fast forward to 2011, the time where rap fans wear tight Wranglers and snug shirts, yell “swag” and beg their favorite rappers to fornicate with their closest loved ones. And their leader to whom they pray is Lil B.

And at Coachella yesterday, Lil B announced he was going gay.

So what’s the obvious next step for his fans?

They began to embrace the gay.

Now, what should the rest of us do?

Stand around and ignore the existence of the gayness, hoping he goes away like the rest of The Pack? Take it as another calculated marketing ploy? Understand that just maybe B’s got some Eddie Long in him and does indeed play the skin flute? Look at it as comedic jest? Take him at his word that he does indeed love women, gay means “happy” and words “mean nothing”?

But how can we take him at his word if words mean nothing?

Mind manipulation. Attention-whore. New media darling.

I mean, right now, he’s one of the current faces of rap. White media in enamored with him so those rappers who can’t get coverage of their own cosign the f*ckery, hoping to siphon a few of the Based Guy’s followers. Expect a remix with Big Freedia, right alongside the album B’s supposedly doing with Jay Electronica. Maybe they’ll make it a mixtape and let Mister Cee host. With the final destination being irrelevance and Hell, Hip-Hop’s tucked away in the proverbially handbasket attached to the front of Brandon’s bubblegum-colored Schwinn as he pedals downhill.

Homophobic much?

No, I’m not.

Allergic to ignorance masked as artistic intelligence?

Yes, very much.

To his credit, the smartest thing Pretty Brandon stated today via Twitter was his affinity for Theophilus London’s music. I’m with that.

The rest of that sh*t, keep it. It’s all just a smokescreen to cover up the fact his music is buns.

Seen: Prefix

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