Lil Boosie On Being The Tupac Of The South, Fake Fans, Leaving The Hood And Post-Prison P***y

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04.24.14 14 Comments

Boosie On The Breakfast Club

Boosie appeared on The Breakfast Club for a 26-minute interview about stuff.

On the outpouring of love since his return:

“I feel like half of the love was real. 50%. I feel like 25% was just bandwagoners just jumping on the bandwagon. And I feel like the other 25% came from… some people might never heard of my music, but my social media name and all of my trials and tribulations, they was like, ‘Let me see what he talking about. Why is they messing with him? Let me listen to his music.’ And if you listen to my music then you’ll be a fan.”

On his new album dropping July 15th:

“It’s all fresh stuff. It’s all stuff since I been home. Classic album, of course. It’s fire. All I can say is be waiting on it and go cop it.”

On leaving the hood:

“My circle small now. I don’t play the hood no more. I got a lot of people envy me as far as the system. So I ain’t got time to be in no hoods or nothing like that. I’m laid up in the crib with my kids. I ain’t got time to be in no hood. The hood gon respect me either or. They know I’m a G regardless. I ain’t got no time for all that. I ain’t getting in no more trouble.”

On learning new technology:

“I like FaceTime. I like looking at a woman and talk to her. That blew my mind when I first saw that. ‘I’m like, ‘Damn! I can look at you?!’ I felt like I had been gone 20 years. I’m drug free. I can talk big business now. I ain’t all loaded off that good no more. When you drug free, that bring a lot of changes to you.

“I’m not really tweeting. I’m Instagramming pictures and stuff like that. I like Instagram. I ain’t know they had that many bad women in the world. Lawd, lawd, lawd! Man, I just be looking. I be like, ‘Damn!'”

On being called the “Tupac of the South”:

“I think people do that because we both have heartfelt music that touch people’s hearts. We both have similarity. I guess we both got in trouble, too. I feel like it’s because of the real music we make. It’s a pleasure to be given that credit, but Tupac [is] Tupac, Boosie [is] Boosie.”

On why he turned down label offers from Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Roc Nation and YMCMB and went with Atlantic Records instead:

“I just feel like with Atlantic they ready to put the house behind me. I ain’t wanna sign with Rick Ross, Jeezy, them my homies. And I’m my own boss also. So I’m finna go get me a big label deal also. And I just wanted to make the best decision. I wanted to go with somebody that was gon put the whole machine behind me. I ain’t trying to go nowhere they got a whole full roster. I ain’t trying to get in nobody’s way ’cause when I drop, I want the machine put behind me.”

Watch the full interview below to learn why his first show back felt better than his first piece of post-prison p*ssy.

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