Lil Wayne – “On Fire” Video

01.06.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Since this is supposedly not slated to be on the retail version of Rebirth that is being released in Spring of 2034, what’s the point of this video? Chris Robinson was going to cash his check regardless and they could have slid this on the bonus DVD of the “real” Rebirth.

SMH @ the powers that be. If that bum-ass Young Money album could scan six figures during the holidays, then a low-promoted Wayne album would have easily done that plus 30% more. By the time the “real” Rebirth surfaces, Weezy will be undoubtedly out of that creative space and probably won’t ever perform any of the tracks live.

This is what you call a missed call ladies and gents.

Download — Lil’ Wayne – “On Fire”

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