This Year, London’s Hot Halloween Costume is “Florida Man”

10.27.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

Something strange is afoot in Londontown. We know the where. But what, exactly, is going on in this picture? Who, exactly, are these folks? Where, exactly, does one buy adult-sized leopard print jammies? How, exactly, does one pee in them? And why, exactly, is the one guy not wearing face paint?

So many questions. But mostly “wut?” The only plausible explanations I can think of are:

a) The understudies from an off-West End production of “Cats” ditched rehearsal this afternoon, and a Jags game, they decided, was the place they’d be least likely to get caught.

b) This is actually a David Rappoccio art installation.

c) Four male cousins from Florida are posing for a quick Facebook photo, moments before the bootleg Molly kicked in and they decided to kidnap a similarly dressed Jaguars fan and commit a series of bank heists across Western Europe.

d) Londoners decided a Jags-49’ers game was the best place to unveil their “Florida Man” Halloween costumes.

Of course the answer is actually e) These are just standard fare Jaguars fans, dressed in their Sunday best for the game they travelled 4,000 miles to see.

Jacksonville is losing 35-10. Better hope Teddy Bridgewater isn’t scared of cats.

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