Mach Five Ft. Trinidad Jame$ – “Pimp Scholar”

04.09.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

A wise man once said that pimpin’ and hoein’ will be a part of this world’s existence until the earth stops spinnin’ and they cut the lights off. The same theory applies to rap, where hoes have been on the track as part of the track since forever. So, Mach Five and Trinidad Jame$ definitely didn’t reinvent the wheel with “Pimp Scholar.” What they did do is Armor Oil the tires and shine the hell out the rims.

Arguably, Jame$’ appearance might be his most fluid from the all of the features we’ve seen post-S.A.F.E. He sounds at ease with the production and topic at hand. Surprise creeps in when A.Ware and Corey take the wheel and bend corners with their verses. Both guys pick up the pace with their verses and deliver with precision.

The track’s a product of Mach Five’s upcoming “mini film” We Ballin’ and the accompanying soundtrack, both of which probably probably contain mackin tips by the boatloads.

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