Madden 25 Predicts Broncos Win Best Super Bowl Ever: Let’s Make It A Reality

01.28.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

Looks like EA has released its yearly Madden Super Bowl prediction, and via a report from Kotaku, this should be a doozy.  If the video game gods are to be believed, not only will we have a barnburner overtime game complete with a Richard Sherman INT and a 50-odd yard Matt Prater kick to ice it, but the game will be played in the snow.

Honestly, it’s a shame EA did this.  Now, when we get a disappointing 14-17 affair in 40 degree weather with no precipitation, it’ll just sting more.  So if you, like all of us here at KSK, would prefer a snowbound overtime bonanza, please begin the rites of the ancient arcane ritual written in invisible ink on the back of the “Join EA Origin” card insert located in your copy of Madden 25.  After completing the steps and red-ringing an Xbox 360 in sacrifice, both the video game gods and the football gods should be appeased.  And if it doesn’t work, and the game ends up being boring, we’ll all blame you.

Yes you.  You specifically.  Dave.

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