Majid Jordan – “A Place Like This” Video

07.08.14 3 years ago 4 Comments

OVO doesn’t really do the social media thing.

Well, they do. They just don’t dedicate much time to it, evidenced by the fact Drake is by far their most visible personality across the wide range of platforms. And he only uses the avenues when absolutely necessary. The reserved approach works for them, case in point the Toronto production duo, Majid Jordan. Come July 22, M.J. will see the liberation of their A Place Like This EP, the follow-up to last year’s afterhours.

The tandem’s visual for the project’s titled-track is a glimpse into their still vastly mysterious world. Yet, beyond the layer of ambiguity lies additional layers of intrigue and replay value with admissions like “It’s a difficult place when it gets like this/ It’s hard to raise a child when it gets like this” nearly impossible to erase from the memory bank pending Jordan’s music tickles the fancy.

The visual’s leading lady and the explanation behind her journey are of a deeper meaning I’m not willing to travel down right now. M.J. does reinforce one belief, though. My daughter – pending I ever have one – is never allowed to attend house parties for fear of drunken quests similar to the one seen here.

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