Major Dad vs. Lt. Eckhardt. WHO YA GOT?

10.26.07 10 years ago 13 Comments

It may not mean much in the grand scheme of the league, this meeting of the 2-4s, but it does mark the first showdown between Andy Reid and his former coordinator, Brad Childress. And it may be the last. They were once allies, now they’re – well, they’re not really bitter foes. But they have embittered the fans of their respective teams. Let the bad blood flow while they still have jobs. WHO YA GOT?


Brad Childress_______________Andy Reid


Bald Clueless _______________Fatty Lumpkins

Mustache dye color

Auburn___________Honey mustard sauce

Secret weapon

Purple Jesus_________The best white receiver who isn’t Wes Welker

Preferred weapon

Shitty quarterback________________Whiny quarterback


Keeping best player on bench___________McDonald’s as a pizza topping

Shameful admission

Outshined by Mike Tice_____________Has sons dumber than Mike Tice


Passing on 3rd and short _____________Bacolate and scrapple

Finishing move

Three and out____________Finishing move? Wait, so you’re not finishing that?

Note: Reader Michael D. insists that Michael Jeter’s version of Mr. Noodle is a better Brad Childress doppelganger. You be the judge.

Credit to Welcome to Tardville for the Reid pic.

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