Run, Don’t Walk, Backwards To Revisit Pharcyde’s “Drop”

02.07.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

I recently had a case of the random nostalgia; you know, when you look up random stuff that wowed you before you became a cynical bastard. My latest fix had me looking up The Pharcyde’s music video for “Drop.” Spike Jonze’s directed work is still as disorienting as ever — in a good way of course. Besides, viewers probably still can’t brace themselves every time Romye falls up the stairs.

YouTube’s sidebar will have you hooked when you just wanted to view something real quick. Either way, I’m glad it directed me to the video’s “making of” mini-doc. I’m a geek for behind the scenes work especially on unorthodox projects like “Drop.” They really make you think and appreciate how much work and coordination goes into making such a simple idea come to light. Press that little play button and you’ll find out all the interesting bits and Jonze’s commentary. There’s no fun in spoiling it here.

“Drop” doesn’t hit you over the head with big budget theatrics or even tell a story. It’s just a bunch of rappin’ ass dudes buggin’ viewers out frame by frame. Yet it’s always entertaining to run back since it’s so unique. Sometimes the simplest concept can create wild results if you give it a fair shake, strong direction and proper execution. Those aforementioned elements don’t connect like Voltron enough on most videos past and present.

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