2.18 The Cooler

02.18.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

Zashia Santiago

Man Attacks Rihanna Out of Hatred for Chris Brown [Gawker]

Forest Whitaker Falsely Accused Of Shoplifting In NYC Deli [Urban Daily]

Drake: Making The Forbes List Is My Objective Every Year [Forbes]

Tim Dog & Dis.Respect [Gwarizm]

Travis Barker Admits He’s Afraid To Fly Since 2008 Plane Crash [Huff Post]

What You Can Do After Sex, Based on How Long You’ve Been Together [College Humor]

Don’t Smoke Weed Under The Bleachers At A Wrestling Tournament [With Leather]

Nicki Minaj Bares Her Cakes On Twitter, World ‘Jerk’s Responsibly’ As A Result [Giant]

19 Reasons To Drink… According To Bars [HuffPost Comedy]

Chick Of The Week: Tasha Wall, Canadian Fitness Model [Shabooty]

Regular Sex Linked To Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease? [Peeperz]

Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Trolled The Sh*t Out Of Justin Bieber And His Fans [UPROXX]

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