Marvel Comics To Go On The Pad

04.02.10 8 years ago

There’s been a lot of discussion about how the iPad will affect both print and web comics. And by “a lot of discussion”, I mean that some people are saying it’ll make everyone forget paper exists and others say it’ll have as much impact as a fart in a wind tunnel.

Well, Marvel’s weighing in with a new Marvel comics iPad app which will offer users the chance to buy digital copies of popular titles. If it seems like the Comixology’s iPhone app, this one was also developed by Comixology and like that app, it’s essentially an itunes for comics…just this one’s all Marvel. It’s got the features you’d expect (finger scrolling, for example), but also a zoom in feature to allow you to focus on individual panels. (Although the review points out that the art of some comics aren’t high enough resolution to look good with that function.)

Personally, while I think it seems neat, I’m not sure it’s going to lure me away from having an actual paper book in my hand, and the prices ($1.99 each) aren’t cheap enough to get me to switch either. So, I’ll probably do what I do with Comixology – download and read any free ones they’ve got up and keep going down to the comic shop every Wednesday.

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