Matt Ryan + show-tunes = FABU !!!

07.11.08 9 years ago 27 Comments

Here we have Atlanta Falcons’ first-round picks Matt Ryan and Sam Baker enjoying the theater standing uncomfortably at center-stage while the cast of Oklahoma! sings and cavorts about. Hoo boy, awkward doesn’t even begin to describe this scene. These two couldn’t have looked more uncomfortable if they had porcupines in their shorts.

Despite consultation with the media savvy, I’m unable to determine what exactly this video is intended to promote. The Falcons? Rogers & Hammerstein aren’t going to move season tickets. Maybe it is intended to attract patrons of the musical theater? If so, Ryan and Baker have to qualify as the worst Curly and Laurey ever. (What, no kiss? This is supposed to be a wedding scene.) Furthermore how is serenading someone with the Oklahoma state song supposed to welcome them to Atlanta? This video is giving me tiredhead.

“C’mon Ryan, is this what we’ve worked on all week? From the top. One, two… step, slide… heel ball change. And Baker, you call that a promenade? We’re going to be here as long as it takes, people! Don’t forget your jazz hands!”

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