Meast and Least For Week 7

10.22.13 4 years ago 26 Comments


The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Week 7 is Robert Mathis, who posted two sacks, one of them a strip sack that resulted in a key safety, in the the Colts’ 39-33 win over the Broncos. That pushed his league-leading sack total to 11.5 for the year. Naturally, most if the accolades for the victory went to Andrew Luck, and the ogre certainly played well, at least when he wasn’t injuring his best receiver with a poor throw.

Also receiving consideration: Andy Dalton, Jordan Reed, Cam Newton, Vincent Jackson

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The Jeff George Memorial Least for Week 7 is Nick Foles, who made the Cowboys’ putrid defense look like the Seahawks’ in a 17-3 loss at home in a game that meant first place in the NFC East. Foles finished 11-for-29 for 80 yards before leaving the game with a concussion. Not only could Michael Vick have fared better. Marcus might have as well.

And in case you think it was just Dallas magically rising to the occasion:

Also receiving consideration: Josh Freeman/Leslie Frazier, Chris Jones/Bill Belichick, Bradley Sowell, Hakeem Nicks

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