Michael Vick Sticking Around The Eagles For One More Year Of Fumbles And Injuries

02.11.13 5 years ago 24 Comments

After a masterful 2010 season, Michael Vick spent the last two years struggling with injuries and not turning the ball over. When Nick Foles took over as Philly’s starter in November after Vick suffered a concussion, the days of Ookie with the Eagles were presumed to be numbered.

However, the February 6 deadline to cut Vick before a $3 million guarantee for 2013 passed, making that release somewhat less likely. The upshot: the Eagles and Vick have agreed to a restructured one-year deal that will keep Vick around that will purportedly allow him to continue competing for the starting job with Foles.

Unless the Eagles take a quarterback high in the draft, at least under center, the Chip Kelly era in Philadelphia will begin much like the Andy Reid era ended. While there are some who will argue that Vick has the potential to work in Kelly’s system and that continuity can be a blessing, that reasoning relies on Vick not breaking down the moment he’s contacted on the field. That runs counter to recent history, to say the least.

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