Michelle Obama is going to teach our children a touchdown dance

01.30.14 4 years ago 39 Comments


The Titus Youngification of America continues folks.

Donate my brain to the brain scientists because I’ve got CTE from Shaking My Head so hard folks. Our ME-FIRST “Lady” (more like Seargeant at ARMS) Moochelle cant keep her Jax shoulders off MY Superbowl.

The most powerful woman in America is going to make a appearance on the Puppy Bowl Pregame show AND TEACH OUR NATIONS YOUTH A TD CELEBRATION. Even I have to admit its ironic shes going to be in the puppy bowl because shes got biceps like a Black Boxer no offense.

With Washington schoolchildren on hand, 13 puppies from shelters and rescue groups played fetch and ran agility drills as Obama taped segments announcing “Let the Puppy Bowl begin” and demonstrating a touchdown dance.

Listen Michelle our nations pregame shows are reserved for thoughtful conversation from Terry Bradshaw Coach Ditka and Frank Caliendo. But the only impression that your giving is of a show off instead of a showman like Frank. And her timing couldnt be worse considering our nation is still reeling from the aftershocks of Richard Shermen thinking about sexually assaulting poor Erin Andrews probably.

At least Hillary Clinton would of handed her balls back to the ref no offense. But we havent won a war since 1991 and shes spiking the ball between her legs and looking more like Michelle Obochocinco celebrating her two victories over the Browns each year. She’s doing this all under the rouse of calling America fat. Shes also ripping off Commissioner Goodells “Play60” campaign too. Wow I wonder how many executive orders itll take to have Goodell kidnapped and his brain harvested for the rest of his good ideas huh?

In one segment, Obama advises against being an “armchair quarterback” and urges 60 minutes of physical activity a day and a well-balanced diet.

Isnt that rich? She is literally fatter then hell and shes telling ME to get in shape? Yeah she wants me to be a square. Im going to eat what I want when I want and just because your a idiot doesnt mean I cant get seconds on the cobbler bitch, not to be insulting. It seems that racist Michelles “Let’s Move” campaign isnt just what she said when white people started buying houses in her neighborhood afterall. Now its a excuse to invade my living room on the most important national holiday of all.

(H/T to Chief Baird for this)

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